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So what is the Magic Workshop ?

This is a 1 hour workshop aimed at kids approx 8 years old and above that are interested in performing magic.


It's not a magic show although I do perform several tricks to show them what can be done with practice. That said the tricks taught are not too hard to learn and are very convincing when performed.


If you do want a Kids Entertainer to perform a show I would recommend Mr Shiney at www.mrshiney.co.uk


This workshop is based on the best bits from the first 6 weeks of lessons at my original magic school, (the magic G.Y.M), all condensed into an hour (see below for information on the G.Y.M).  


Kids will learn card tricks, and tricks with every day objects.  


Parents are actively encouraged to stay and join in with the fun and will also be able to fool their friends with the tricks taught.


Note: Due to other performing commitments the magic workshop is unlikely to be available on a Saturday.


For more information on the magic party please contact me.


In 2009 I created a magic "school" for children to teach them how to perform magic, It was called the Magic G.Y.M. (Grimsby Young Magicians).  


This was based at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and was every Tuesday night.  


It was very successful at not only teaching how the tricks work but also how to perform them,  giving the children confidence that some didn't have before.


The School ran for approximately 2 years before I was forced to close it due to other commitments of myself and the other coaches.


I am very pleased to say that some of my students have gone on to become full members of adult Grimsby Magicians Club.

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